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20 million PC gamers to defect to Console

The console vs PC gaming debate is no doubt a perpetual brawl and is not likely to end anytime soon. But according to research conducted by JPR, PC gamers are heading toward or considering to switch from PC gaming rigs to console gaming. Yes, according to a recent analysis by Jon Peddie Research Management & Consulting firm it’s expected that a massive ratio of PC gamers will easily become console gamers within the next two years. If this new report from Jon Peddie Research is accurate and based on facts, then up to 20 million PC gamers could abscond for consoles over the next coming three years.

However, there might be some reasoning behind this conclusion of JPR analysis; let’s find out what the main reasons are.

There are mainly 3 reasons, which have convinced the Research Institute that there will be a rapid trek from PC gaming to consoles. These are:

  1. The death of Moore’s Law’s
  2. Extremely High GPU Prices
  3. And one and only Video Gaming Streaming.

The argument is simple: Moore’s Law has slowed down with time, and so streaming services have headed up, which is resulting in minimum gap between consoles and PCs.


Moore’s Law

According to this law, it’s a general observation that every year, computer processing speed gets doubled, but from the last few years, nothing like that has happened, and the progress has waned. That’s mean with the decline in CPU/GPU speed and features, consoles have taken over the market in terms of reliable gaming option. Gone are the days when PCs were ahead of consoles in terms of capabilities and features; that’s just not the case anymore.

So it’s expecting that within the next two years, the difference between PCs and Consoles will be less noticeable. Because of the console’s simplicity and exclusive features in terms of mouse and keyboard control, soon console will be the exclusive choice of PC gamers. That’s is especially true for the upcoming new console technology which will be loaded with latest generation features like Ray Tracing.


High GPU Costs

The next reason for this swift drag to consoles is the increasingly high cost of GPUs. The market is full of branded high-end and high-cost GPUs which cost double as compared to whole consoles. Same features, same functioning and a lot better speed, then why would consumers pay more for GPUs when a sustainable and affordable option is available? JPR also believes these increasing costs of GPUs will affect the lower end PC gamers who spend a $1000 every year.


Streaming Services

The last reason that might draw the attention of PC gamers is streaming services such as Google’s Impending Stadia, Xbox’s gaming streaming and whatever efforts PlayStation is making to make console gaming a more worthwhile option. The lower cost and improved performance are the two main reasons of these services which could easily excite the players to make a shift from PC gaming, which is still the more expensive option.


Jon Peddie said:

No doubt, the PC market is continuously declining and will continue to do because the speed of latest innovation and speedups have been stopped, plus the marketing is now taking the four years to introduce something new and improved, which is alarming for their business.”

So that’s all from our side. We can only wait and see what happens next…

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