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E3 2019 conference schedules

E3 2019 Press Conference schedule

The time has come again! The expectation is high; the game trailers are coming with mind-blowing launch day visuals while the scripts are being perfected to a tee – in fact, the best journalists would find no fault to make a meme from. It is E3! The way you see E3 is subjective; while some think the Electronic Entertainment Expo is the greatest time ever, others see it as the perfect time to bring out a show back to the shed. Regardless of your take, one thing remains a constant; E3 will always get people talking.

Despite the absence of a few top players, the yearly showcase of everything to do with video games is loading to show off through its reliable press conference gauntlet. Compared to the previous sole grueling marathon, E3 has been spread out to several days. Read along to learn about what (and what not) to expect in this year’s E3 grand opening.


  •    Sony on a deserved break

For the first time, Sony will be missing in the E3 circus. It is believed that Sony’s absence is due to their first-party offerings being less meaty for one-hour show or securing a place in the show-floor of Los Angeles Convention Centre. However, the video game mammoth has done enough to earn a break after releasing the likes of God of War, Days Gone as well as the Spider-Man. Sony will likely return by next year with a huge update concerning the future of the video game brand as well as more details about the impending PlayStation 5 console.



  •    Electronic Arts – not the regular

A new plan has emerged; EA will be making all announcement in a single stream by June 8. Instead of one huge show that would have revealed digital disappointments as well as influencers who works to hype their brands, EA has chosen to reveal all announcement during the week prior to E3. So, we can expect, Need for Speed, sports, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (from Respawn Entertainment) and possibly, a genuine plea to continue the Anthem.



  •    Microsoft (June 9, 1 PM PT, Sunday 10 PM CAT)

Microsoft is about to shine more than ever in 2019. With the absence of Sony, everyone would be expecting something awesome from team green as they display their future wares. During the press conference of last year, it was outstanding as Microsoft focused solely on the games with little waffling in their showcase. Currently, enthusiasts would likely see the Xbox One’s successor as well as a plethora of third-party games.




  • Bethesda (June 9 17:30 PM PT, Sunday 02:30 AM CAT – Monday, June 10)

After the unexpected failure of the audience to party hard with Andrew WK, Bethesda is expected to offer little. However, the brand still possesses several games in their archives. We believed that Wolfenstein Youngblood and DOOM Eternal would top the list as the audience is expectedly planning to jeer off Todd Howard from the stage if he should make an appearance – which would be a kind of retribution for all the lofty Fallout 76 promises. Nevertheless, we might get some information concerning Elder Scrolls 6 as well as Starfield. And if that happens, many might forgive and forget about the broken games that resulted in thousands of memes in West Virginia.



  •    Devolver Digital (June 9, 7 PM PT, Sunday 4 AM CAT – Monday, June 10)

Arguably, Devolver made the best conference. In the previous year, Delvolver Digital came to an end in their usual style; blood and more blood. However, the good news is that Nina Struthers is coming back to hype up a few games. By June 9, Devolver Digital will be back; thus, we advise you to begin to gird your loins for the probable best piss-take from E3 as well as a peek at some beautiful indies.


  •    Ubisoft (June 10, 1 PM PT, Monday 10 PM CAT)

It is expected that Ubisoft would likely bring back Aisha Tyler – after all, they are French. Once it remains one hour to reveal their wares, expect to see some Ubisoft’s impending games as well as updates about their present titles. While Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok won’t be available, the likes of Evil Sequel, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Beyond Good as well as, possibly, Watch Dog 3. Also, even though most of us would like to see Splinter Cell among the list, after several years of waiting to see the game make an appearance, we have little hope that it would come around this year.



  •    Square Enix (June 10, 6 PM PT, Monday 3 AM CAT – Tuesday, June 11)

While, truthfully, we cannot remember the announcement made by Square Enix in the past year, we are confident that they would offer something different with a pair of Marvel games in stock.


  •    Nintendo (June 11, 9 AM PT – Tuesday 6 PM CAT)

Most of us are big fans of Nintendo’s Direct, which are created to offer sufficient tease to get players hot. In this year, Reggie Fils-Aime would be absent from co-hosting with the outstanding humble developer from Japan; however, you will come across some amazing games for the Switch explained in better detail. In this year’s episode, the likes of Fire Emblem Three Houses, Super Mario Maker 2 as well as PokeMan Sword and Shield will be dominating the Direct. And also, one or two surprises may be gracing the show.


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