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May 27
May 24
E3 2019 conference schedules

E3 2019 Press Conference schedule

The time has come again! The expectation is high; the game trailers are coming with mind-blowing launch day visuals while the scripts are being perfected to a tee – in fact, the best journalists would find no fault to make a meme from. It is E3! The way you…
May 06

More info and gameplay arrives for Borderlands 3

Gearbox has surprised everyone with the recent release of the first set of gameplay from the upcoming Borderland 3 game. The demo, shared via an extended live stream, offered viewers and reviewers insight into what to expect from the game.     As usual, the demo mission started…
May 05

20 million PC gamers to defect to Console

The console vs PC gaming debate is no doubt a perpetual brawl and is not likely to end anytime soon. But according to research conducted by JPR, PC gamers are heading toward or considering to switch from PC gaming rigs to console gaming. Yes, according to a recent analysis…
May 02