May 06

More info and gameplay arrives for Borderlands 3

Gearbox has surprised everyone with the recent release of the first set of gameplay from the upcoming Borderland 3 game. The demo, shared via an extended live stream, offered viewers and reviewers insight into what to expect from the game.



As usual, the demo mission started with Amara, the new vault hunter, receiving an echo device from Claptrap. The little robot’s new character will most likely be more annoying than what we used to have. The demo also introduced a new cult – the Children of the Vault. This new group are not only troublesome but also looking to cause unrests on Pandora. This leads to several missions where the player tries to neutralize the cult by fishing out its leaders.

While retaining most of the features and appearance of the existing Borderlands, the new Borderlands 3 appears bigger and has added a couple of new features. Some of these include the new sliding ability of the player, and the presence of ledges that must be climbed to get the player to those higher places. There are significant changes in the gun department too – players can now choose between various firing options and elements for most of the guns.

There is a spaceship that serves as the base, and which carries the player across various plants, such as Prometheus, Pandora, and others. There are now new variations in levels for the players to explore, which means more excitement. According to Gearbox, the ship is your guide to “discover new worlds beyond Pandora, each featuring unique environments to explore and enemies to destroy.”

You can have a 4-player co-op on Borderlands 3, each player with their own loot. So, there is no need to compete for the loot, except if you feel like. Now, you don’t have to deal with players that want to keep every item that comes their way. You can team up with a player of a different level, and the power deficit will not limit you. If you prefer the arrangement in the previous version, Gearbox allows the player to turn off both the instanced loot and the new level scaling system before playing.



Perhaps, you find the whole stream too long? Simply watch the highlights package gameplay trailer instead. Contrary to the fears that Borderlands will not live up to the set expectations for monetized games in 2019, Gearbox has really done well with the upgrades in Borderlands 3. You can get it on PC (only on Epic), PS4, and Xbox One come September 13, 2019.

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