May 22

Robert Pattinson the new Batman?

Eventually, the solo Batman film which was written and directed by Matt Reeve is finally becoming a reality after several years of cataclysmal pre-production. The Batman appears to be the sole element missing. However, it is now evident that two front runners are available to put on the crown. While one of the two will be skulking in the shadows from being a sparkling in the sun, the other could transform from a terrific blue-furred scientist to a brilliant leather-bound vigilante.

After Ben Affleck officially declared that he had hung his boot earlier this year, Robert Pattinson (the former Twilight alum) and Nicholas Hoult (the present X-Men franchise superstar) are the current two leading contenders in the quest of Reeves and Warner Bros to create a new Dark Knight, according to a report from Deadline. Hoult and Pattinson, both which are 29 and 32 years old respectively, suit the reports that have been making the waves for some time that Reeves and WB would like to work with relatively young actors in order to present the teenage years of the DC Comic’s superhero. If the report became a reality, the two individuals would become the youngest actors ever to perform the role.



Also, the two actors are well-known personalities, whose involvement have been rumoured since the rumblings of the 46-year old Affleck leaving the stage after a terrible criticism and fan reception about Batman versus Superman and Justice League emerged – which in truth, Affleck shouldn’t be blamed for the shortcomings of either film as his presentation was mostly one of the better acts.

 According to Variety, it is believed that Pattinson has been engaged and the only bridge to cross is to sign the paperwork; however, this remains as speculation until official declaration. Truthfully, if we are to choose between the two actors, we would have voted for Pattinson. Since the Teeny Twilight days of the British native, he has grown to be a better performer. As a matter of fact, during his role as the vampire Edward Cullen in the YA franchise, Pattison showed the extent to which he disliked the movies without any doubts. After the conclusion of the series in 2012, he has become an enthusiast of indie films such as The Lost City of Z, The Rover, Life as well as the expected High Life on his lauded resume. Furthermore, considering how artist Greg Capullo draws Bruce Wayne/Batman in the movie, Pattinson is truly a dead ringer.



Speaking of Hoult, who is another British actor, after featuring as the younger Hank “Beast” McCoy in the X-Men movies since that of X-Men: First Class in 2011, he has become a recognized actor in the comic book movies world. Since the X-Men franchise will be ending with X-Men: Dark Phoenix in a few months, there is no issue regarding Hoult playing as a Batman for the comic book publishers. Compared to Pattinson, Hoult is more experienced when it comes to Blockbuster movies as he had featured in the likes of Mad Max: Fury Road, The Current War, the Giant Slayer, and the upcoming Tolkien biopic.

Intentionally, the work on DCEU movies has been slowed down by WB after some early troubles, and also, they have been patient with The Batman. Well, that’s if “The Batman” is still used as the title as the name was given when Affleck was in the plan to star, direct and co-write. With that plan, Joe Manganiello would have played the Deathstroke as the major enemy among other villains of the Batman. However, there are suggestions that Reeves, who became famous by penning Cloverfield prior to masterminding the terrific vampire remake titled Let Me In as well as the fascinating modern Planet of the Apes Trilogy, has chosen to trash out the plans laid down by Affleck to create a new plan.

In due time, production should be around the corner; hence, an official announcement might be released within a short while. Lately, with the likes of Aquaman, Shazam and the impending Wonder Woman 1984, the DCEU seems to have regained their ground. Hopefully, Batman would bring so much magic like his superpower colleagues.

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