May 27

Ubisoft has a few unannounced AAA games coming soon

Until the next fiscal year, the release of the pirate simulator Skull and Bones which has been in development for a long time will be delayed by Ubisoft. However, this doesn’t imply that a set of brand new games from the gaming brand won’t be released within the next nine months. It is believed that before March 2020, Ubisoft would have released four super AAA games.

The details were obtained from the financial reports of the brand. Also, the financial report explained that $2.4 billion is the financial target of the company for the remaining period of the financial year, and four games will generate a significant portion of the income. It is understood that among the four AAA games is Ghost Recon Breakpoint, where four players will form a co-op squad. The squad would be charged to find Auroa; a strange island filled with advanced facilities as well wild and mysterious nature.

Regarding the other three games, since Assassin’s Creed will be unavailable this year, a perfect replacement would be the contemporary Watch Dogs Sequel, which is expected to be released in London. Even though the given information on Twitter concerning a new Splinter Cell has been clarified as a false alarm, for some years now, there has been a rumor that a new game will feature the sneaky Sam Fisher. Hence, it is most likely that we will see a new Splinter Cell in due time.

And the fourth game? Truthfully, the fourth one could be any game. It remains as a doubt if Ubisoft sees Just Dance as a AAA game, and also, it is unclear if the likes of Evil 2 and Beyond Good will be released this year. Thus, the fourth game could be anything from Mario C Rabbids, Call of Juarez to Rayman. Anything can happen!

However, hopefully, we would see a new Prince of Persia.

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